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Detailed review & photos “Hot Spring & Private SPA ‘RURINOHAMA”

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

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Hotel sign in front of the hotel.

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The front desk is in the “Rurihama Activity Center,” located a little ways from the villas.

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There were not many guests staying, so I did not have to wait in line to check-in.

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Free drinks by the front desk.

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A relaxing waiting area.

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Drinks were being sold and also crabs as well because it was winter time.

Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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What is the Standard Room (Rurihama) like?

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The villa in the accommodation wing had a Kyoto-like appearance.

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There were two parking spaces in front of the villa.

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The entrance was barrier-free, with a gentle slope with handrails. It has only been about two years since this hotel opened, so it was very beautiful.

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Guest room entrance.

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There was a place to put my shoes.

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The light by the entrance was a cute design.

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The room was 3LDK (4.5-tatami Japanese-style room, 6-tatami Japanese-style room, twin-bed Western-style room, living/dining room) that was 230 square meters big. The average number of guests staying in this room is 6 people, but it was alright for extra numbers of people to stay if you pay an extra fee. You can enjoy the hot spring, pool and do barbecue without having o leave the villa, and it was a very nice design for small children and the elderly. There were no steps in the villa and it was barrier-free inside as well. There is one villa that allows dogs inside.

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Sofa in the living room.

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The garden seen from the living room.

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There is a Japanese room with a TV at the back of the living room.

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A Western room with two twin size beds.

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The bed was a bit narrow, so it was not very suitable for sharing it with someone else, but it was not a problem because I could lay futons in the Japanese room. Both beds were comfortable to sleep on.

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There is another Japanese room next to the Western room with the two twin size beds.

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You can get in and out to the yard form the living room.

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Tables and chairs were set up on the terrace, and I was able to enjoy BBQ by the pool. You can also enjoy your own fireworks in the garden until 23:00 at night.

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You can rent a BBQ stove if you like. You can also rent Dutch ovens and smoke towers to enjoy glamping.

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The pool seen from the Japanese room.

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There was a private pool with a diameter of 8m and was divided into three levels. The shallowest place had a depth of 30㎝, so even small children can sleep safely. However, there are many frogs and insects in the summer, so be careful about insect bites. There was a poster saying to be quiet after 9 o’clock in the evening. Although the villa was private, I could hear the voices of guests staying in other villas. In addition, you cannot enjoy the scenery, because the whole yard is surrounded by fences.
Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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There was a private hot spring which was very nice to be able to stay in as long as a liked. It was a complete replacement of the rare Akayu natural hot spring, which replaces hot water sent from the source daily. Guests themselves can change the water and control the temperature, but it took about 40 minutes to replace the water. Be careful, as it will take a long time to fill the bath up.

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The hot spring was Gin Onsen.

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If you open the bathroom window, you can enjoy an open-air bath, and close the blinds if you need privacy.

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There was a washing area next to the hot spring. The shower was a removable hand shower and the water pressure was strong enough. Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were provided.

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The sink seen from the bathroom.

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Towels prepared under the sink.

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Amenities were toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap and so on. I asked fo extra amenities for children, but only amenities for adults were prepared. Toothbrushes were too big for the children.

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Hair dryer.

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There was a toilet separated from the bathroom and there was even a small sink.

Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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Closet and safe

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The closet was a Japanese style closet.

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There were not enough hangers for the number of people of staying which was a little inconvenient.

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The safe was a little small.

Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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There was a kitchen.

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Instant coffee and tea.

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Electric kettle and kitchen paper.

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The refrigerator was big.

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There was plenty of room to cool drinks that I brought.

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Chinaware were prepared in the cabinet.

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Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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Hotel Surroundings

There were no convenience stores or shops around the villa. You will have to go to the supermarket near Amanohashidate to shop, so it is better to go shopping before arriving at the villa. It was a relatively quiet area that was cool and comfortable. In addition, the ocean is nearby, so it is a nice place to stay for those who like marine sports.

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Amanohashidate is nearby.

IMG_0122.jpg (13)

There is the circle of wisdom beside Wenshu-do.
Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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Staff and Guests

The staff were very nice. They kindly helped guests that needed guidance to their destinations.

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There were many families with a large number of people, including infants and young children. Many of them seemed to be visiting from Kansai area.

Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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There is a pickup and drop-off service at JR “Amanohashidate Station” or “Miyazu Station” with a 9-seater pick-up car. Therefore, you can come by train and enjoy sightseeing in Amanohashidate without worrying about transportation.

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Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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It is hard to find accommodations that allow a large number of people to stay, so I was very happy to be able to stay here. Check-out was 11 o’clock and the next day I enjoyed my favorite things from the morning and I was able to spend my time slowly. In addition there was a living room, kitchen, Japanese-style room which allowed me to spend a relaxing time. The price was reasonable and satisfying. New villas opened in February and July 2019, and some are located in areas with a superb ocean view, so I would like to stay there next time. I was able to make the best of memories here with my family.

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Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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Hot Spring & Private SPA 'RURINOHAMA
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