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Check it Out! “Keio Plaza Hotel” Explicit Review

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception


Keio Plaza Hotel is a luxury hotel consisting of a 47-story main building and a 34-story south building located just a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station West Exit (JR / Private Railway / Subway) and Toei Oedo Line Tochomae Station.


The hotel seen at night. It is adjacent to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office (the building on the left in the photo).


Hotel sign.


Hotel entrance seen from “Chuo-dori East” on the west exit side of Shinjuku Station


There is a drive through.


There is a parking lot in the hotel.


The canopy at the entrance was lit up even during the day.


Night time.


Station side entrance.


There is an escalator that takes you up to the lobby floor on the 4th floor.


There was a cloak desk on the left.


In the back of the escalator was a space with flowers and plants.


Going further back, there was an entrance on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government side.


The hotel has 1435 guest rooms, so the front desk was spacious.


The elevators were in front of the front desk.

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Inside of the elevator.


You will need to get off on the 43rd floor and change elevators to get to the 45th floor.


Guest room floor elevator hall.


Guest room floor corridor.


Corridor near the guest room.

What is the Premium Grand King Bed Room like?


Guest room entrance door.


You can put newspaper between the room number plate.

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There is a bathroom on the right and a full length mirror and a toilet on the left.

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The room is not extremely big, but it was spacious enough for me. It was a room with a calm color and an elegant atmosphere.


Th bed was a long sized king bed.

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There was a bedside table with a phone, memo set and an alarm.

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You can turn the lights on and open the blinds by pushing the buttons.

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You can use a smart phone as well.

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There is a USB and a charging outlet.

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There is a travel guide under the table.

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There is a bedside table on the other side.

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There are light switches here as well.

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This hotel is environmentally friendly, and asks the guests to leave this paper on the bed if you want the sheets to be cleaned.

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There is a flash light and a book in the drawer.

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There is a sofa bellow at the foot of the bed.

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There is a luggage rack next to the sofa.

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The TV side seen from the sofa.

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There is a TV and a desk across the bed.

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There is a tissue and a phone on the desk.

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On top of the desk.

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There is a tablet.

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BOSE speaker.

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There is a USB and charging outlet on the desk.

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There are drawers under the desk as well.

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chair and table by the window.

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There is a lamp next to the table.

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The lamp has a foot switch.

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There is an air purifier.

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The window is very big.

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I was able to see the sunrise from the room.

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The night view was beautiful as well.


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There is a bathroom on the right side of the room.

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The washroom was Japanse style.

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There is a shower space next to the bath, and you can remove the shower to wash.

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It was easy to adjust the water temperature.

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There is a soap holder next to the shower.

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There is a bath stool.

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You can see the outside view from the window.

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The bathroom seen from the bedroom.

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You can close the blinds for privacy if you like.

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There is a large mirror with a light, so it is convenient when doing makeup.

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There is a phone and a charging outlet next to the sink.

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There are shelves bellow the sink.

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Amenities were a toothbrush set, razor, shaving cream, comb, comb, body towel, nail file, Margaret Josephine cleansing, face washing liquid, lotion, moisturizing cream, L’Occitane bath preparation, lotion with cotton, Stuart hair conditioner, hair nourisher and moisturizing lotion.

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Hairdryer and tissue.

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There were soaps such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap and body lotion from L’Occitane’s “Jasmine & Bergamot.”

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The toilet was across the bathroom in a private room.

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A toilet with a Washlet function.

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Sanitary bags and an extra toilet paper.

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There was small sink by the toilet.

Closet and safe

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There were enough hangers in the closet, a deodorant spray and bathrobes.

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There was also a storage shelf, and the upper row contained laundry bags, shoe spats, brushes, shoe polish sets, and a sewing set.

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In the second drawer was a night wear.

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In the bottom drawer was a yukata.

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There was an iron and an ironing board as well.

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There was a drawer with a safe and phone chargers under the desk.

Mini bar and cafe

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Next to the desk was a cafe corner.

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Capsule type coffee machine.

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Free water bottles.

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There were cups, coffee capsules and tea bags.

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There was alcohol and snacks.

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There was a tea set as well.

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There were many drinks in the fridge.

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The drinks cost money.

Restaurants in the hotel

The hotel has 11 restaurants and 6 bar lounges with many dining options. Here are some of them!

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Japanese restaurant “Kagari.”

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All-day dining Jurin.”

IMG_6308 copy

Kaiseki “Tokiju.”

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There were also various shops in the hotel, such as boutiques, accessories, shoes, Japanese miscellaneous goods, leather goods, and flowers. This is a convenience store called “Life Aya.”

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“Life Aya” sells food, miscellaneous goods, Keio Plaza original products, and character goods.

Club lounge

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On the 45th floor was a club lounge exclusively for guests staying at the Premier Grand Premier Grand Suite.

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The lounge is divided into reception, lounge zone, library zone, meeting room, casual dining zone, and dining buffet zone, and guests of Premier Grand Premier Grand Suite can check smoothly in this lounge with a welcome drink. You can check in and out.

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From the chic and relaxing club lounge I was able to enjoy a panoramic view 160 meters above the ground.

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The Club Lounge is open from 7am to 10pm, and the dining zone has breakfast (7am to 10am, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until 11am), tea time (2pm to 4pm), bar time (evening) Meals and drinks are also available.

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You can use the coffee machine freely.

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There were many kinds of tea. You can have alcohol during bar time.

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It is nice to be able to eat something small when you get hungry.

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I was able to have breakfast at the lounge as well.

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Fuit and salad. There were also many hot dishes.

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There was an egg station, and the chef will cook fresh eggs in front of you. It was very delicious.

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The view from the club lounge.

Hotel surroundings

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A convince store near the hotel.

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A cafe near the hotel.

Staff and customer base


There were about a half of Japanese guests and a half of foreign tourists. The staff had a balanced age structure, from young to elderly. Everyone was very kind to me and I felt very comfortable.


It is a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, so access is very good. In addition, parking is available, so it is nice to be able to come by car.

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Buildings around the hotel.


This is a hotel that can be recommended for couples and families who want to spend a luxurious time. The room was very clean and I could spend a very relaxing time without having to worry about noise coming in from outside. I would definitely like to stay here again.

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